Ultimate Water Purification Solution

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Nanotechnology offers the potential of novel nanomaterials for the treatment of surface water, groundwater, wastewater, and other environmental materials contaminated by toxic metal ions, organic and inorganic solutes, and microorganisms. Due to the unique activity toward recalcitrant contaminants, nano photocatalyst has great potential for use in the treatment of water and contaminated sites. The present market of nano photocatalyst-based technologies applied in water treatment are applicable to not only wastewater but also drinking water. Nanotechnology is expected to deal more efficiently with contaminants which conventional water treatment systems struggle to treat, including bacteria, viruses, high-toxic organic matter and heavy metals. This efficiency generally stems from the very high specific surface area of nanomaterials which increases dissolution, reactivity and sorption of contaminants. Photocatalytic oxidization technology could be a ultimate purification technology for water, not just simply filter the water, it do purify the water indeed. Organic and harmful contaminants will be destroyed and converted to harmless inorganic end products, e.g. water, carbon dioxide, inorganic ions. It can be used to remediate the enviromental water system, so called the nanoremediation, which has been most widely used for groundwater treatment, with additional extensive research in wastewater treatment.


  • Core reaction parts of water purifier system
  • High Performance SOlar water DISinfection
  • Upgrade conventional UV/PCO water treatment system
  • Natural water system nanoremediation
  • Space station water recycling system


  • Drinking water disinfection and purification
  • Solar/UV industrial wastewater purification
  • Water treatment without power supplement


  • Purify various contaminants from human activies and natural
  • Mineralize harmful organics to inorganic end products
  • Environmental-friendly, no extra pollution
  • Speed-up the natural decomposing process
  • Catalytic action mode, longtime performance
  • No energy consumption
  • Eliminate microorganism in water for drinking, non-toxic and safe