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Nature’s Filters Defeating Natural Odors

We all know well that natural process creates the crystalline mineral waters of the French Alps.

The water starts as snow and rain that then travels slowly through layer upon layer of glacial rocks until it becomes clear and purified.

These glacial rocks contain an abundance of mineral elements which give the water everything it needs on its journey to freshness. That means there is never any need to add anything else to enhance the water’s quality and excellence.

Inspired by this natural phenomenon, our scientists, after decades of research, have taken inspiration from the dynamic elements at play in nature’s purification process.

Then we applied the same procedure to our deodorizing products. In fact, that ‘dynamic element’ is where we took our name from! Using our patented mineral formula, our spray naturally improves your home’s ecosystem by decomposing odor molecules.

Make your pets and home smell clean without chemical fragrance

  • Excellent Odor Removal – great odor elimination and what causes it
  • No Heavy Perfumes – totally exempt from heavy perfumes to cover bad odors
  • Prevention from Recurring – it not only removes odors, moreover, it will prevent it from recurring
  • Premium Spray Experience – our bottle comes with a unique aerosol no drip applicator design

Co nas wyróżnia?


  • Relief for sensitive pet parents who have allergies and are asthmatic to pungent fragrances, especially pregnant women
  • Protect pet’s sensitive sense of smell*

Patented Mineral Formula

  • None-enzymatic solution
  • No perfume to mask bad odor
  • Our patented mineral-based formula naturally improves your pet’s ecosystem by decomposing odor molecules

Free of

  • Alcohol-free, phosphates-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free
  • Certified no oral toxicity
  • Certified no skin irritation
  • Ultimately safe to use on your furry friends and home

Premium Spray Experience

  • Airless and ergonomic bottle design
  • Premium continent spray experience
  • Forget forever the annoying spray experience like trigger stuck back and forth and end up with liquid leaking on your hands

*Pets are 10,000 times more sensitive than human are to chemical fragrances.

For Pets

Safe to use directly on pets. No oral toxicity. No skin irritation.

For Surfaces

Safe to use on carpet, tile, wood floors, litter box, fabric couch, and many more.