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Amazing Daily Deodorization Solution

Odor or smells are caused by various trace amount chemicals in air, such as ammonia in public toilets or hydrogen sulfide in livestock farms.Due to its complicated compositions, traditional methods are very restricted to solve this problem which has been with us for thousands years, some might be effecitve but need big industrial facilites, some might be also harmful and dangerous. The nano photocatalytic technology is a brand-new deodorizing solution, so we can use it everywhere easily, lightly safely. We don’t need to use perfume cover the odor, absorb odor into some materials and worry about its abandoning process, or worry about ozone’s dangerous to health anymore. Now our nano coating can effectively decompose the stink directly in molecular level and conver them to harmless inorganic substances such as water and carbon dioxide. Photocatalyst itself is a safe chemical substance with no extra pollution, it works as catalyst in the reaction so that its performance maintains longtime. Photocatalytic oxidization reaction is effective to most odors’ decomposition, so it can be widely used from daily life to industrial process for eliminating all the odors and smells. We are able to provide the products being compatible with diversified surfaces to fulfill the demands from various industries. Since we don’t need big facility and electronic support to make it work, Our odor control solution can be used for flexible fields, such as control smoke smell, pet smell, and even sweat smell and incredible surface, i.e. textiles.


  • Easy and effective using in home deodorizing application
  • High efficiency and durable effect for the organic odor removal from garbage & pets in daily life
  • High effective, low cost garbage recycle centre & pump room odor control system setup
  • Reduce the cost of odor removal and anti-bacterial at public place, school, hospital and toilet
  • Industrial condition odor control system such as leather, biotech, plastic factory
  • Confined space odor control system, such as semiconductor manufacture factory, space station
  • Easy to apply on diversified surface
  • To make advanced deodorizing function products, i.e. T-shirts can remove sweat smell, pet’s appliance.


  • Daily odor elimination
  • Odor and bad smell control system core partsli>
  • Smoke smell control
  • Livestock, industrial stink control


  • Environmental-friendly, no extra pollution
  • Easy to apply in most site and diversified surfaces
  • Decompose the odor in molecular level, no absorption or covering
  • Catalytic action mode, longtime performance
  • Not only effect to odor, but also purify the harmful gas, keep the environment safety to human
  • Eliminate odor and microbial risk at same time
  • 100% mineralize harmful gas to H2O and CO2
  • Effective to both biological and chemical odor sources