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Photocatalytic / Hydrophilic Nano Coating

Our advanced nano coating product combine photocatalytic and super-hydrophilic features together, which can be widely used in environment protection, healthcare, food, chemicals, buildings maintanence, construction and energy industries to provide excellent protection and amazing function.

  • Anti-bacteria / Anti-Virus
  • Self-cleaning and Anti-Dirty
  • Air purification
  • Odor Control
  • Anti-Mold
  • Energy Saving
  • Water treatment

Hydrophobic Nano Coating Agent

Nano hydrophobic coating using biomimetic technology to provide lotus effect through nano scale surface modification. Our coating agent can provide excellent hydrophobic ability and high transparency in the meanwhile.

  • Water proofing on constructions
  • Windshield hydrophobic treatment
  • Bathroom hydrophobic protection